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Slush machine

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Intended for preparing and serving slush drinks
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1.320,00 €
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Slush machine is designed to freeze juices, low alcohol cocktails to a thick, snowy mass with a consistency similar to ""wet snow"". The drink perfectly quenches thirst and is a popular delicacy in street cafes, bars, fast food enterprises and other crowded places.


  1. Install the slush machine on a stable horizontal surface. The surface shall be dry, clean and able to withstand the equipment weight.
  2. The equipment shall be protected against direct sunlight.
  3. There shall be the free space of at least 25-30 cm along the slush machine perimeter for the proper air circulation.
  4. Connect the power supply.


  • Temperature of ingredients loaded into the slush machine shall not exceed 35°C; higher temperature may affect the cooling system and result in early failure of the equipment.
  • Mix shall contain at least 13% of sugar. Pay special attention to this when selecting ready-made mixes. Lower sugar content will result in the excessive freezing of the main components and failure of the equipment.
  • Mix level shall be above the screw level at all times, do not forget to monitor its status.


  1. Turn on the power.
  2. Turn on the mixing mode in each hopper.
  3. Turn the cooling on.
  4. Use adjustment knobs if necessary.
  5. There are 5 levels of adjustment: [0] -no cooling,  [I], [II], [III], [IV] –cooling intensity increase.
  6. Once the acceptable beverage temperature is achieved, put the glass to the dispensing outlet and slightly press the lever; the beverage will be poured into the glass.


Turn off the power before any maintenance. Do not clean the equipment using any abrasive materials, metallic sponges and brushes, pricking and cutting items, aggressive chlorine-containing cleaning agents, gasoline, acids, alkalies and solvents. Do not wash detachable equipment assemblies in a dishwasher.

To comply with sanitary regulations, timely wash the equipment components and provide the careful maintenance.

  1. Turn off the cooling of beverages.
  2. Drain remaining liquid.
  3. Flush the hopper with clean water.
  4. To remove the hopper, pull it, first upwards and then towards the outlet tap. Then, re-move the mixing device components.
  5. Pull out the pin and remove the handle of the outlet tap. Rinse all components with soap solution.
  6. Repeat all the above in reverse order to assemble the equipment.

Dodatne informacije

Prevoz iz Hrvaška
Barva Srebrna
Garancijo 2 years
Garancijo za HORECA 2 years
Tehnični podatki
  • Housing material: stainless steel
  • Tray for liquid
  • Temperature range: -2 to -3 °C

Equipment characteristics:

Model 1 tank

  • Power: 0.5 kW Voltage: 230 V
  • Tank capacity: 15 liters
  • Dimensions: 288x550x740 mm
  • Weight: 40 kg

Model 2 tank

  • Power: 0.6 kW Voltage: 230 V
  • Tank capacity: 2 * 15 liters
  • Dimensions: 425x550x740 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg

Model 3 tank

  • Power: 0.8 kW Voltage: 230 V
  • Tank capacity: 2 * 15 liters
  • Dimensions: 603x550x740 mm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  1. Upper base
  2. Internal cover
  3. Hopper
  4. Piston
  5. O-ring
  6. Outlet tap handle
  7. Spring
  8. Pin
  9. Hopper sealing ring
  10. Mixer internal part
  11. Mixer external part
  12. Left and right panels
  13. Condenser
  14. Front panel
  15. Tray grid
  16. Liquid collection tray
  17. Evaporator
  18. Support
  19. Magnets
  1. Copper ring
  2. Mixer plate
  3. Mixer motor
  4. Mixer rear cover
  5. Rear panel
  6. Plate
  7. Transformer
  8. Solenoid valve
  9. Legs
  10. Compressor
  11. Compressor starter
  12. Compressor fuse
  13. Fan motor
  14. Fan blades
  15. On/Off switch
  16. Cooling switch
  17. Cooling adjustment switch
  18. Mixing switch
  19. Switch box


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