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The most innovative all-around countertop dispenser of hydrogen enriched hot and cold purified water
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The HYDRA all-in-one water dispenser and hydrogen-rich purifier is a cutting-edge product that utilizes water and hydrogen pressurized mixing technology to produce hydrogen-rich water.

With its strong antioxidant properties, the hydrogen molecules in the water can effectively scavenge oxygen free radicals in the human body, providing a preventive effect on aging and various chronic diseases caused by oxygen free radicals.

Unlike other methods on the market, the HYDRA purifier ensures a highest hydrogen content and longer efficacy time, making it a superior choice for long-term consumption. Additionally, the purifier boasts a simple structure and guarantees safety with its high-quality electrolytic diaphragm and reliable manufacturing process. Say goodbye to excessive magnesium intake or low hydrogen content - the HYDRA all-in-one hydrogen-rich purifier is the ultimate solution for obtaining the numerous health benefits of hydrogen-rich water.


Rare Earth Thick Film Heating

Uses rare earth oxides (cerium and lanthanum) for efficient heat transfer and durability. Offers several advantages over traditional copper heating elements:

  • Energy efficiency: Faster heating and lower energy consumption.
  • Durability: Longer lifespan and resistance to corrosion/wear.
  • Compact size: Suitable for limited spaces.
  • Rapid heating: On-demand hot water without a storage tank.
  • Precise temperature control: Ensures accurate heating.
  • Less maintenance: Reduces costs and downtime.
  • Environmentally friendly: Lower energy consumption and emissions.

Filter Cartridges

  • GAC (Granular Activated Carbon): Removes organic pollutants, chlorine, and other impurities. Made from coconut shell, fruit shell, or coal.
  • CTO (Chlorine, Taste, and Odor): Removes color, odor, and residual chlorine. Made from compressed carbon powder and binder.
  • RO Membrane: Removes dissolved solids, minerals, and contaminants. Requires pre-filtration with GAC and CTO.

Additional Information

Your filters exceed the minimum filtration capacity (2000L) required by standards.
The water purifier uses additionally a UV-C lamp for disinfection in the water tank.
The RO membrane has a capacity of 100G, which translates to approximately 378.5 liters per hour.


Complete system is easy to install to pipeline OR simple use with integrated tank anywhere even without water inlet.


Most innovative all-around water dispenser

  • Has all temperature water settings on demand
  • Filtering water with world famous filters and RO membrane along with UV-C lamp
  • Can used as portable with water tank and also can be installed on pipeline

Hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen enriched water 1500 PPB for your health


Cold and Hot

  • Constant Cold water 5 C
    fridge class compressor
  • Instant Hot water on demand in 3 seconds
    using rare earth tick film materials

Filtered water in 5 stages

Filtered water in 4 stages:

  • Prefilter metal
    removing small particles, sediments
  • 1 filter Japanese Kuraray PP+GAC
    removing impurities, residual chlorine, rust, sediment, peculiar smell
  • 2 filter Sweden Jacobi PP+CTO
    removing chlorine
  • 3 filter RO membrane 100G
    removing heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, scale

Final disinfection of the water tank and filtered water with UV-C lamp


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