1. NutriSantos N65

    3.980,00 €

    Delivery time 4 weeks

    Santos Nutrisantos N65 Commercial Vertical cold pressed juicer with revolutionary technology Poizvej već
  2. Santos brushless blender N62

    1.750,00 €

    Delivery time 4 weeks

    Santos Brushless Blender N62 is ideal blender for open juice bars, coffee shops, fast food chains, hotels where you want to have LOW NOISE operation and make any kind of cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, granitas, iced coffee... Poizvej već
  3. Santos coffee shop grinder N63

    3.190,00 €

    Delivery time 10 days

    Specialy designed for large quantities of ground coffee for coffee shops, supermarkets and roasting establishments Poizvej već
  4. Santos espresso machine N75

    1.525,00 €

    Delivery time 10 days

    This 1 group coffee machine is a counter-top machine for offices and meeting rooms for high quality espresso. Poizvej već
  5. Santos Ice Crusher N53

    1.150,00 €

    Delivery time 4 weeks

    Santos Ice Crusher N53 creates perfect crushed ice for cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs Poizvej već
  6. Santos Ice Shaver N09

    900,00 €

    Delivery time 4 weeks

    Santos Ice Shaver N09 creates huge amount of crushed ice for restaurants, fish shops and caterers Poizvej već
  7. Santos Juice extractor "Miracle Edition" N68

    2.900,00 €

    Delivery time 4 weeks

    "Miracle Edition" Santos N68 is full stainless steel juicer with exceptional output of 140 liter / hour Poizvej već
  8. Santos juicer 50C

    1.625,00 €

    Delivery time 4 weeks

    Silent and powerful juice extractor to use everywhere you need fresh fruits and vegetables juices: juice bars, health food stores, hotels, bars, restaurants. Poizvej već