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Catler vacuum blender

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High-speed vacuum blender for the most advanced blending without oxidation

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300,00 €
300,00 €

The difference between standard blending and blending in a vacuum will become immediately evident. You will instantly realise that blending is much gentler, food retains its flavour and even appearance for longer, and does not spoil as fast. Colour is retained even on very demanding foods (apple juice, avocado, mango), more antioxidants and compounds beneficial to the body. Separation of pulp from water does not occur. Blending is finer, the result has a great taste.

Catler vacuum blender VB-8010
    Enables ingredients to be processed in an air-free environment, which significantly slows down their oxidation, and substances are expanded resulting in finer processing. Thanks to the special shape of the jar and the way the blades are sharpened, you can blend – smoothies, milkshakes, doughs, sorbets, ice creams as well as hot soups and sauces – while selecting from either standard or vacuum blending. 
  • Thanks to the storage jar, you can vacuum food, store it in the refrigerator and extend its freshness, which you will appreciate not only with left-overs but also with herbs or raspberries.
  • Metal wheel, strong motor for a perfect result and Japanese knife blades
  • The vacuum blender has a robust metal body and a strong motor with a power input of 1,500 W / max. 26,500 rpm. Japanese blade shape and sharpening technology together with the specially shaped jar from TritanTM material are a guarantee of an outstanding result. While still running quietly. 
  • Special jar shape and Storage jar
    A part of the mixer is a specially shaped 1.5-litre Tritan jar and a food storage jar called Fresh Cup (extract air and store in a refrigerator). In the rear part of the blender unit, there is a compartment for storing the unused lid as well as the power cord.


  • Robust metal body
  • Constructed for vacuum blending and storing fresh food in a vacuum environment
  • Max. 26,500 rpm
  • Japanese blade shape and sharpening technology
  • Large input area for easy insertion of ingredients

Dodatne informacije

Država proizvajalka Združene države Amerike
Prevoz iz Slovenija
Barva Srebrna
Garancijo 2 years
Tehnični podatki
  • 10 speeds and 5 automatic programs
  • Vacuum mode – suitable for blending fruit or vegetables with a low water content to produce less foam and prevent oxidation.
  • Automatic modes – for making smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups and purée.
  • Manual mode – for setting custom blending times and speeds, and recipes
  • Cleaning mode
  • Motor: 1500W, 26500 RPM
  • Dimensions: 268 x 365 x 503 mm
  • Weight: 7,5 kg
Catler vacuum blender VB-8010 jar


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