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PITEBA palm fruit cap D3

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Convert your PITEBA oil expeller to palm fruit oil extractor.

Traditional urban oil palm fruit processing

Oil palm fruit is cooked for about 2 hours. Subsequently the fruit is pounded and the hot mash is placed on a cloth. The sludge and oil are obtained by twisting and squeezing the cloth. The oil is skimmed and put in a bottle and used for cooking later on. The sludge is used to make a palm oil stew.

How to do it with PITEBA

Use fresh palm fruit and cut the flesh of the kernel. You can also steam the fruit first so you can easily remove the flesh from the kernel. Always cut the fibres to 1 cm, otherwise the press will jam. With the cap D3 you press palm oil in 1 step.

  1. Use fresh fruits
  2. Cut the pulp from the nut - alternative method for removing pulp from the nut: steam the fruits during at least 1 hour.
  3. Shorten the fibers to app. 1 cm length.
  4. Fill the expeller with the pieces of fruit during turning of the crank. You instantly produce the palm oil.
  5. After settling the oil is orange. It will be solid at low temperature.

Palm oil - How to

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