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  • Milla professional stone mill M02
  • Milla professional stone mill M02
  • Milla professional stone mill M02

Milla PRO commercial mill

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395,00 €


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Professional model for continuous grinding in a shop, restaurant, hotel or children's kitchen
  • Adjustable grinding fineness
  • 370W DC motor without brushes for continuous work to 40 min
  • Funnel capacity 1 kg
  • 100-120 g fine flour
  • 300 g coarse flour
  • 6 year warranty

Milla PRO stone grain mill is a new and very quality appliance for preparing wholemeal flour for larger families or even commercial bakeries, stores and consumables. Bulgarian company with 10+ years experience in the producing grain mills now opens to EU market with LIFEENERGY. We tested both models and compared to the famous other brands and we need to say - we are delighted. Especially because of the adjusting grinding size feature!

Milla M02 stone mill is a small model of professional stone mill designed for grinding whole grain flour. The model is designed and works well in the case of small restaurants, healthy food cuisines, retail outlets offering fresh flour grinded at the moment, children's kitchens, boutique bakeries and snack-shops. Everywhere quality first-class fine flour is needed, Milla will be on hand to make it fresh and healthy.

Flour prepared with a Milla stone mill is healthy, since in the grinding process temperature does not rise above the critical values, as is the case with the rolling commercial mills. On the second place, the flour remains complete - with the germ from the seed and all its layers and covers, where the vitamins, enzymes and valuable fiber are stored.

The strength of the mill is unquestionable. Equipped with a powerful industrial motor, it will smash every grain, regardless of its hardness. Preparing a few pounds of flour is a matter of minutes. It is recommended that the Milla mill runs at intervals of 20-30 minutes or grinding up to 9 kg of grain at a time. This will ensure you will have a reliable, compact and robust mill for years. The mill stones are formed in high temperature ovens, and corundum grains are more robust than natural granite. Beech multi-layer plywood boards are used for the mill housing, ensuring firmness and stability during heavy loading. The wood parts are treated with natural water-repellent impregnation so that the appearance of the mill is preserved for a long time.

What kind of grains Milla is appropriate for? With a small professional Milla stone mill, you will be able to mill grain and beans such as wheat, oats, barley, spelt, rye, buckwheat, rice, corn, chickpeas, dried peas, lentils, millet and other non-greasy beans. The mill will turn to powder dried spices and herbs and is also suitable for grinding stone salt crystals.

General information

  • It can process different cereal times: wheat, rye, white rye, oats, barley, corn, brown rice, millet, chickpeas, buckwheat, etc.
  • The processing capacity is 100 - 300 g / min and depends on the type of grain and the grinding setting;
  • Maximum continuous grinding time is 40 min.
  • Minimum break time between milling sessions is 20 minutes, in order to have time for the engine to cool down;
  • During grinding, make sure that the flour flows freely through the drainage channel;
  • To adjust the grinding thickness, fasten the screw to the desired gradation. The scale is from fine ∙ to coarse • (from left to right);
  • The adjustment can be done in steps. Careful! To use the fine sieve it is necessary to use very dry cereal grains.

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Država proizvajalka Bolgarija
Prevoz iz Hrvaška
Barva Bež
Garancijo 6 years
Poslovna garancija 2 years
Tehnični podatki
  • Motor: DC without brushes 370 W
  • Continuous work (max): 40 min
  • Housing material: Solid wood
  • Funnel capacity (with spell): 1 kg
  • Output: 100-120g. fine / 300g. coarse
  • Noise level at work: 88 dB
  • Adjusting grinding fineness: From fine to coarse
  • Stone material / size (ø): Corundum / ø 90 mm
  • Height to the flour outlet: 14 cm
  • Dimensions: 230 x 270 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 8.6 kg


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