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Malatec air humidifier with ionizer and aroma

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48,00 €
Compact humidifier 6,5 liter capacity with integrated ionizer and aroma dispenser, LCD display, touch panel and remote control

Capacity 6,5 liter; 250 ml/h for rooms up to 35 m2 (working time with a full water tank ~ 24 hours)

  • IONIZER - reduces the ions that are harmful to us (positive ions) by producing negative ions - all pollution falls to the substrate, instead of traveling to our lungs; the air becomes light and fresh , and thus? Our mood improves immediately! We do not feel constantly tired, sleepy, etc. The ionizer will be a great solution, especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, as well as people complaining of constant headache. The air we breathe is a very big damage to our health, it affects the entire body and is responsible for the condition of our skin, hair and lungs. The most dangerous thing is everything that is not visible to the naked eye - dust and mites, few of us know that electrical appliances (telephone, TV, computer, microwave oven, washing machine and many others) are a big problem, the positive ions they produce have a very negative effect on our body, which is why it is so important to provide yourself and your family with safe and healthy air, which is guaranteed by the ionizer - we cannot influence the quality of the air outside, but the air we breathe at home can largely change the humidifier with ionization function. Equipment it also has an aromatherapy function.
  • QUIET OPERATION - the ultrasonic humidifier produces a signal with a frequency of one million times per second. The air humidifier generates the lowest possible noise, thanks to which it is not burdensome for household members - in particular, it will be suitable for children whose sleep is often light. The humidifier will not interfere with everyday activities or work. It can easily walk all night and will not disturb sleep , on the contrary - it will improve its quality and the user will be more rested, the mist coming out will allow you to relax and minimize the stress accumulated during the day. The device has a night light mode when turned on the humidifier glows with a soft blue light.
  • SENSITIVE TOUCH PANEL + PILOT - an intuitive digital control panel makes it the operation of the air humidifier is not only simple but also comfortable . The panel on the humidifier is very sensitive, you don't have to press a single button many times and struggle with setting parameters - one touch is enough . All parameters displayed by the device can be read easily on the clear display - even from a distance. The set also includes a remote control, which will allow you to control the device from a distance, which significantly improves the user's comfort.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - the humidifier has a low power consumption. Compared to others that have more power, using OUR humidifier does not burden the household budget , its efficiency is sufficient to moisturize and provide a fresh breeze of air in your apartment, house or office. It is recommended to use descaled or distilled water for the humidifier. The product has an automatic shutdown function when the water in the tank is exhausted, so it is safe, even if you forget to refill the water.



  • humidifier
  • remote
  • 3 fragrance oils
  • ceramic filter

The oil bottles are smaller. Remove the top white caps and put all three to the space for it under the humidifier top cover so they can be firmly placed. Remove the protective rubber cap from the one you want to evaporate. After oil is finished refill the empty bottle with essential oil per wish.

Dodatne informacije

Država proizvajalka Kitajska
Prevoz iz Hrvaška
Barva Črna
Garancijo 2 years
Tehnični podatki
  • 5 000 000 pcs/cm3 anions
  • Water tank 6,5 liter
  • Power 25W
  • Dimensions 45 x 19 x 18 cm
  • Weight 1,84 kg


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