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MALATEC ozone purifier

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60,00 €
Cheap and effective small home ozone generator for food hygiene
400 mg/h ozone power
  • OZONATOR - this device uses corona discharge technology. Perfect for the elimination of bacteria, germs as well as disinfection and deodorization. It has an extremely strong oxidant for the decomposition of organic compounds, which makes it extremely effective . The air we breathe and what we eat and drink are very harmful to our health, it affects the entire body and is responsible for the condition of our skin, hair and lungs. The most dangerous is everything that is not visible to the naked eye - bacteria and germs, so it is important to provide yourself and your family with safe and healthy air that is provided by the ozonator. Additionally, ozone is broken down in about 30 minutes - you don't have to worry about environmental pollution.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - great ozonator Perfect for cleaning food, water and air and many other things. Fruit, vegetables and meat often contain a lot of pesticides and bacteria that can harm the health of your loved ones. There are lots of germs in the air that travel by droplets. This device is perfect for epidemics and for everyday use .
  • COMPACT SIZE - the device has a compact size, so you can take it with you anywhere. Perfect for home use as well as work or office. The ozonator generates little noise - it is one of the quietest models, so it is not burdensome for the household members. The device will not interfere with everyday activities or work.
  • SENSITIVE TOUCH PANEL - Intuitive, digital control panel makes service ozonator is not only simple, but also comfortable . The panel on the device is very sensitive, you do not have to press a single button many times and fight with setting parameters - one touch is enough . All parameters displayed by the device can be read easily on the clear display.
  • SPECIFICATION - White color; material: tempered glass, plastic; dimensions (width / height): 19 / 28cm; weight with packaging: 1.40 kg

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Država proizvajalka Kitajska
Prevoz iz Hrvaška
Barva Bela
Garancijo 1 year
Tehnični podatki
  • White color
  • ozonator performs the functions of: disinfecting, killing unpleasant odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathogenic microorganisms, mites and allergens
  • material: tempered glass, plastic
  • dimensions (width / height): 19 / 28cm
  • weight with packaging: 1.40 kg


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