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Auto-control Stainless Steel distiller 5L/h

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Water distiller for 5L per hour, made completely from stainless steel with auto shut off when water level is low
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This series of distiller uses tap water as source to produce pure water by electrical heating and distilling. It also uses tap water as a cooling element so there is a water consumption ratio of 1:14 to 1:20.

This unit can be applied in health and medicine institutions, chemical industries, scientific research institutions and labs etc.

For home usage we recommend it for various agriculture and farms or at least that buyer has a house because using it in a flat will demand too much space and water which will probably be wasted.

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Prevoz iz Slovenija
Barva Srebrna
Garancijo 2 years
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  • Made of high-quality stainless steel by stamping and welding. 
  • Characterized by anti-corrosion, age-resistant, easy operation and stable function, and safety and durability.
  • Coiled stainless steel tube condenser with good heating exchange and large water output.
  • Water leveler design,which cuts off power supply and raises alarm automatically when water level is low,and continues to reheating after water replenishment.
  • With industrial Europe Plug.
  • The tank from stainless steel for storage of distilled water in capacity 20 liters possibility of connection to system of the centralized water supply.
  • Warranty 24 months from the date of putting into operation.
  • ISO 9001:2008; CE; ISO 13485:2003.
  • Equipment comply to: IEC 601-1-88.

Main Technical Parameters

Supply voltage: 220 V
Output: 5 L/h
Heating power: 4,5kW
Gross weight: 9,5 kg
Net weight: 6 kg
Package dimension: 38 w * 35 l * 79 h (cm)


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